Ultimately, we doubled Vybe's sales profitably, and increased net profit +50%.

We're continuing to build on this strategy today.


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The Challenge

Vybe Interior was struggling to scale their revenue and profits after working with another agency for 6 months. We took stock of the situation and found:

  • Unable to successfully scale video creative type
  • Low conversion rate (0.5%)
  • Unable to find new audiences and niches to scale into

The Process

We took a website and creative-first approach, auditing their current creative and surveying their customers to understand their motivations and drivers behind purchase.

This allowed us to successfully run creative sprints to expand creative types (to UGC and studio video) and test them to find new marketing angles and scale spend. One of our most significant learnings: effective hooks include people hanging the artwork (to show it is ready to hang) or unboxing it (to unblock any concerns that it will arrive damaged). These insights allowed us to scale video creative in the account and expand spend profitably.

We also built landing pages with the brand that we can test for specific audiences, across channels. These included landing pages "for Airbnb hosts", "for interior designers", and other cohorts.

The Solution

Ultimately, we doubled Vybe's sales profitably, and increased net profit +50%.

We're continuing to build on this strategy today.

Skills Used

CRO,Paid Ads,Branding,Marketing Strategy,Paid Ads


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