• 154% Increase in Revenue Y-o-Y
  • 33% Increase in AOV
  • 3x Increase in ROAS

Joao Pedro M.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

  • Low budget
  • Never done any ads before
  • Competitive Industry with established brands
  • Poor website

The Process

Our process begins by building the acquisition funnel from the ground, starting with BOF/ Remarketing campaigns. Since our budget was very limited we needed to get the best ROAS possible so we could re-invest the profits back into the business.

After weeks of building and launching different campaigns targeting the entire acquisition funnel, we're able to drive a significant increase in revenue for the business while maintaining a good ROAS.

The Solution

  • 154% Increase in Revenue Y-o-Y
  • 33% Increase in AOV
  • 3x Increase in ROAS
Skills Used

Google Shopping,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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